Life Groups

We know that Sunday Morning can be a little overwhelming and we miss shaking hands with someone or greeting them. Our Small Group ministry allows you to be plugged into a group that meets and fellowships together. This is a way for you to get involved and meet new people in our church and get plugged into this ministry. To view all available life groups, their location, and what you can expect click "Join a Life Group."

Life Group FAQs

What is a life group?

In its simplest form, a life group is defined as a "gathering of people to grow spiritually." Life groups meet all across communities surrounding TCOGV. The average size of a small group is 6-12 people.

What can I expect during a life group meeting?

Most groups start with a time of fellowship. The host or members may serve a snack and just ask everyone how their week went. There is also a study portion. This is done by video or from a curriculum. After the video or study there is a discussion time using question in your study guide to review and apply the principles from the study. Then most groups end by taking prayer requests and praises.

Can I invite people who don't attend TCOGV?

Absolutely! Invite your friends, neighbors, family members, coworkers, and casual acquaintances to your small group gathering and help fill them in on what life groups are all about.

What about childcare?

Each Life Group chooses whether or not to provide childcare. When clicking "Join a Life Group" you will be able to see which Life Groups provide childcare and which groups do not.

What do groups study?

This semester each Life Group will be reviewing an outline of the previous Sunday Sermon and will continue to discuss an outline from the sermon that Pastor Brad provides.